Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Features and benefits

Platforms and handrails are hot dip galvanised providing complete protection against the elements

Powder coated
Electrostatic powder coating provides a durable and warm to touch surface

Expanded metal
Provides a self-draining, multi-directional slip resistant surface

Extremely hard wearing surface with varying grades to suit all purposes

Durable, cushioned surface, ideal for nurseries, schools and other child centred installations

Balustrade rail
Prevents passing of a 100mm sphere through any section. Required in many installations, recommended where children will use the equipment

Hatch sections
Provides an easy and cost effective solution to access inspection chambers, drainage or other obstacles often found on site

Trombone ends
Non snag entrance and exit from ramps and steps

Connectors allow for the adjustment in gradient of the ramp without the need to cut rails

Gate unit
Universal gate allows for left or right handed installation without the need for a separate product

Step units
Versatile and adjustable step units can stand alone or attach to the modular ramp for ambulant access