Easirail is a fully compliant stand alone handrail system. The warm to touch powder coated finish, combined with a riveted fixing system creates an elegant finish, suitable for all properties. The accompanying stainless steel connector range allows for a beautiful and seamless installation, while the system is still compatible with our existing range of thermoplastic connectors. Although it has been designed to be installed independently of our ramp system, it can also be used to complement a ramp installation.

Elegant handrail system

Easirail offers a variety of very attractive features that makes every installation look aesthetically pleasing, inobtrusive and of high quality. The range allows for a variety of installation types, from a simple floor fixed rail to a door or steps, to a full length garden which requires core drilling into a retaining wall.  What sets this product range apart from the rest are the attractive stainless steel connectors which add a simple, high quality finish.

Variety of installation types

Warm to touch handrail

Floor fixed handrail

Core drilled handrail

Stainless steel accessories

Rail and ramp installation

Easirail has been designed to be fast and easy to install, whilst providing the flexibility for a wide variety of configurations. The 42mm handrail tube is simply cut to size and attached using 4.8mm rivets, for quick and secure installation. Additionally, the system can also easily incorporate a 600mm high midrail using our range of brackets and connectors. For those who don’t wish to cut handrails we also provide pre cut lengths. Easirail satisfies current building regulations and Approved Document K.