The installation process

Whether a public or residential environment, the installation process begins with a site survey.  An Easiaccess surveyor will visit the site and discuss the access needs and requirements of the user or users. Further to the site survey, detailed drawings will be provided illustrating the location, style and gradient of the ramps, together with a quotation.  When the ramp is approved, our administration team will organise a suitable date for installation.

Survey and design

Whilst on site the surveyor will consider the intended users, the gradient, the type of ramp and any potential obstacles and challenges. From these details, a site sketch is produced to show the intended ramp location and all aspects of the current environment. Further to the visit, the surveyor converts the site information into a 2D and 3D plan. These plans are provided along with a quotation and help everyone involved in the process to visualise the finished project.


Once a quotation is approved, the ramp request proceeds to the Easiaccess administration team who will arrange a suitable date for the installation.  At this stage, the administration team will revisit the user and site requirements from the initial survey,  to ensure that all arrangements are in place and conveyed to both installers and to those who will be on site on the day of installation.  Highly skilled installers carry out all aspects of the ramp installation and as a minimum carry CSCS cards, undertake key Health and Safety training such as Asbestos awareness, Abrasive Wheels, Ground Scanning and Safeguarding.  In addition to their technical expertise, Easiaccess installers are extremely empathetic and very adept at ensuring all stakeholders are satisfied with the final result.

Modular ramp
Ramp and step unit