Public access ramps

Public access ramps

Due to our extensive knowledge and experience in this sector, Easiaccess are the preferred provider of Public Access Ramps throughout the UK.  These ramps, the location of which could vary from schools and hospitals to historic listed buildings,  have specific regulations to ensure safety when in use, due to the typically high footfall. We will tailor a bespoke solution to ensure that your project meets the required legislation and guidelines.  There are 3 surfaces available, Easitread, Metal and GRP. The most suitable surface to be installed will be dictated by the intended use of the ramp and its location. Further considerations are rail types such as Balustrade, 1100mm high rails, Midrails and also Nosings.


Our Easitread surface provides a soft yet durable surface with excellent drainage properties; ideal for use in child friendly environments like nurseries, schools and leisure centres.  Easitread is produced from rubber crumb, which is resin bound and screeded on to a platform frame at a thickness of 15mm. Produced in black as standard, colour options are available, as is the possibility to incorporate highlighted sections or corporate branding.


Providing an extremely strong walk way, ideally suited for busy pedestrian environments, our glass reinforced plastic surface is produced from 6mm flat sheet, covered in extra-hard aluminium oxide granules and supported by u-channel beams.  Various surface grades are available: Industrial Grade 16, Pedestrian Grade 24 and Barefoot Grade 40. Produced in grey or black as standard, other colour options are available, as is the ability to include highlighted edges.


Our metal surface is a high quality, cost effective option, produced from mild steel.  Fully galvanised with multi directional slip resistance and self draining properties, this low maintenance walkway is readily available from stock.


Balustrade rails are available in heights of 900mm and 1100mm and are required when public ramp heights exceed 380mm.  However, in nursery schools or similar, balustrade is often preferred for the safety of small children.  In certain situations the aesthetics of an installation lend itself to considering balustrade for the entire ramp, even where the height does not dictate the requirement.


Midrails are an optional extra to standard and balustrade handrails and are a very  useful addition to assist self-propelling wheelchair users.  They can be specified at the outset or retrospectively installed.


Contrasting nosings are incorporated to identify level change on the approach to a ramp or step unit.  This is extremely useful for any user but is particularly useful for those who are visually impaired.