Recycling programmes

Easiaccess offers a cost effective, reusable access solution that will last for years to come. These products are the perfect reusable option; extremely versatile and can be removed and reused on a number of occasions, offering endless installation possibilities. Once a recycling programme is established, substantial savings can be made enabling budgets to stretch further.

The metal modular system has been designed to facilitate easy dismantling and speedy reconfiguration without the need for any cutting or customisation.  With recycling and reusability at the centre of the product design, considerable savings are acheivable.

It is not as challenging as it may first appear and Easiaccess can advise you on how best to introduce and successfully manage a recycling programme.  This is a service that Easiaccess offer to many local clients and it provides enormous benefits, can facilitate quick turnarounds and significant savings.

With a well organised recycling programme, costs savings of 33-50% can be realised, leaving only the installation left to consider.  As recycled stocks begin to build, ramps can be installed in full or with part recycled sections and savings are realised.  With enough returning stocks, 1 in 4 average sized ramps could be fully installed with recycled equipment.  Alternatively savings can be made across multiple ramps by using recycled sections in part, rather than in full.

We are aware of our environment responsibilities and understand how we can minimise our contribution to the carbon footprint. All of our products have been designed with longevity in mind, both in terms of lifespan but also to ensure that recycling is an achievable and hassle free option for everyone. Recycling is an initiative that Easiaccess are very keen to assist with and will guide you through the process.