Residential ramps

Residential ramps

The Easiaccess metal modular ramp system is a high quality, fully galvanised and cost effective solution.  The range of options provide flexibility and choice to meet a variety of client needs, compliant with the latest access regulations as well as the specification to make it easy to install, remove and recycle.  For the user, the warm to touch continuous handrail makes this ramp immensely user friendly.  There are various ramp and rail configurations available to suit individual client needs.


Installing a modular ramp is a quick and easy solution to access challenges.  With minimum disruption to households given the speed of installation, users find themselves quickly able to leave their homes, independently or with assistance.  Available in green or black with warm to touch galvanised handrails, the Easiaccess ramp system offers longevity and reliability.

Gate and step units

Gate and step units are practical additions to a ramp, providing an alternative method of access to the house, garden or bin storage.  Step units can also be installed independently of a ramp; please click here for more information.


Made from the same material as the ramp handrail, Easirail is fully galvanised, continuous and warm to touch. Suitable for fitting into traditional ramps and steps, it can also provide extra support along pathways and entrances to properties.  For more information please click here.