Threshold ramps

Threshold ramps by Excellent Systems  

Easiaccess are the sole importer of Excellent Systems ramps into the UK and are very proud to be associated with this fantastic range of products. It is one of the most versatile access products on the market; available in both kit and component form and can be used to create ramps in many shapes and sizes.

Ramp kits 

When it comes to tackling a small threshold with simplicity and ease, then look no further than a ramp kit. Each kit includes a part pre-assembled ramp, fixings and fitting instructions and can be installed in a matter of minutes. The kits are suitable to overcome heights of 199mm and can be cut to size if required. Furthermore, they can be used in conjunction with other ramp equipment and can be used internally or externally. For more information on ramp kits please click here.


Excellent Systems components offer installers the ability to provide bespoke access solutions, when kits are not suitable or too restrictive. The versatility of this product range allows for a variety of solutions to accommodate more complex profiles. A variety of component options allow for endless possibilities creating ramps, steps, and more. When using components we recommend that you contact us to discuss your requirements so we can ensure you receive the most appropriate solution. For more information on components please click here.