Excellent Systems components

Excellent Systems components offer installers the ability to provide bespoke access solutions, especially when kits are not suitable or are too restrictive. The versatility of this product range allows for a variety of solutions to accommodate more complex profiles.  Building to a specific threshold height or cutting around door profiles are just two examples of this products’ versatility.  With options for internal and external use, the product range allows for specific environmental factors.  From small threshold ramps to large step platforms, the options are endless when using components.

Component solutions for smaller installations

Cut to profile

Tiles can be cut to suit any profile

Complementary solution

Install alongside other access products

Internal ramps

Small threshold ramps with corner entry


Tiles can also be used to create steps


SureGrip tiles provide extra traction

Component solutions for larger installations

Larger ramps

Built to suit with low profile kerbs


Creation of a level access shower platform


Building bespoke steps with handrails

Garden paths

Building pathways for improved access

Three way entry

Creating a ramp with three way access

Which components do I need?

The component list includes an array of products to create the perfect bespoke solution for any environment, offering endless possibilities from creating accessing shower solutions to building pathways between home and garden.  Please contact us to discuss your bespoke solution by clicking on the below link.

Who can I talk to about my bespoke access solution using components?