Amy Pohl Improves Her Home With New Easiaccess Ramp

We are overjoyed that Amy Pohl chose Easiaccess to design and install a ramp at her beautiful home.

As a well-known disability activist and social media star, with over 3.6 million TikTok followers, Amy has brought a massive amount of attention to disability issues, particularly those of wheelchair users, by vlogging about her lifestyle, sharing substantive advice, and making us laugh.

We were delighted to receive the opportunity to help resolve an accessibility issue she had at her home.

Her Hartlepool home features a wide driveway of warm stone, wide rollover doorways, and a stunning garden dotted with palm trees. Unfortunately, every entrance to the property, both front and back, feature stepped accessways.

Until recently, overcoming these steps required a portable ramp, but the gradient was steep and slipping was often a concern. The ramp also had to be moved between access points and readjusted before each use, which was very inconvenient.

To fix this issue, we offered to build a modular ramp to her front door. Thanks to her spacious driveway, the ramp’s design was simple. The installation took 2 workers just under 4 hours to complete.

The ramp leads straight from the entrance of the driveway to the new low threshold door which we also arranged ourselves. The ramp levels out into a platform at the foot of the door and the threshold allows the wheelchair to smoothly roll in and out. The 5.2-metre-long runway reduces what was a dangerously steep climb to a gentle gradient.

As a semi-permanent structure, the ramp can remain for as long as Amy needs it and can be easily removed, refurbished, and reused to reduce our impact on the environment.

“I can finally get in and out of my house INDEPENDENTLY. LOVE my new ramp! Anyone who is stuck on a waiting list, check out Easiaccess if you can – definitely worth the money! They organised the door too” – Amy Pohl

We’re glad to have had the opportunity to provide Amy with one of our modular systems. We hope she loves her new ramp and that it enables her to continue inspiring people worldwide.


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