Ramps & Steps for Public Buildings

Compliant, safe access solutions for airports, shops and many other public buildings.

Our ramp and step units can provide access to public buildings, offering a safe, compliant solution.

Easiaccess have supplied and installed our equipment throughout the UK. From small post office ramps, to large scale installations such as Manchester Airport.

Fully Compliant Access Ramps for Public Buildings

Accessibility is an important part of public buildings. Make your public building accessible to people with disabilities with fully compliant access ramps from Easiaccess.

We supply and install public access ramps for airports, shops, post offices, train stations and other public buildings across the UK. Whether you are looking for permanent or temporary access ramps, we can help.

Through our customised accessibility solutions, we help you comply with the regulations while assuring you of complete peace of mind.

The Need for Access Ramps in Public Buildings

According to the Equality Act, all public spaces should be accessible to all including people with disabilities and limited mobility.

Local authorities, service providers and employers have a duty of care towards people with disabilities. They must make reasonable adjustments to their buildings so disabled people can easily access their facilities.

These adjustments include removing hurdles like steps that can keep people from accessing goods/services.

The experienced team at Easiaccess can design, supply and install a customised access ramp solution for any public building that you are responsible for. Through our tailored solutions, we enable local authorities to comply with the legislative requirements while ensuring everyone has equal access to important public spaces.

Customised Access Ramps for Public Buildings

Choose from a wide range of modular access ramps that are easy to install and even easier to reconfigure and reuse anywhere you like.

You heard that right! Unlike permanent access ramps, our metal ramps are modular in design, which means that you can relocate them or redesign them if need be.

All our access ramps are compliant with DDA regulations, BSI standards as well as Diocument M and K of the Building Regulations.

Manufactured to the highest standards using commercial grade steel, all our ramps are available in stock. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements or to schedule a free inspection and quote.