Ramps & Steps for Schools

Safe, reliable access solutions for universities, colleges, schools and nurseries..

Our modular ramp and step units have been designed to be fully adjustable, while also providing safe, cost-effective access to education sites including modular classrooms.

Additional safety features can also be provided including yellow nosing, mid-rails and balustrade railing. Our access solutions also have a range of surface options to choose from including our popular Easitread option which absorbs impact and is hard-wearing.

Premium Access Ramps for Education

Every student deserves access to education, and it is important to ensure students can easily access their nursery, school, college or university campus without hurdles. Easiaccess offers reliable and safe access ramp solutions to ensure disabled students can access their classrooms easily.

Whether you are looking for permanent installations or temporary ramps, we provide code-compliant solutions that are durable, easy to maintain and make entering and exiting classrooms easy for your students.

Our access ramp solutions are made of modular components and can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

The Need for Access Ramps in Education

Many educational buildings across the UK are older and designed for a period when accessibility was not a primary concern. A recent ONS study finds that 24.9% of disabled people had a college degree compared to 42.7% of non-disabled people.

Moreover, disabled people were 3x likely to have no qualifications compared to non-disabled people.

All educational institutions are legally required to ensure that their buildings are accessible to everyone. This includes making arrangements for students using wheelchairs or those who may not be able to use on-site steps.

Customised Access Ramps for Education

Building an access ramp is an effective way to provide safe and reliable access to classrooms for people with limited mobility. At Easiaccess, we have been partnering with the education industry for over 23 years to offer high-quality building access solutions for the disabled across the UK.

Our portable and modular access ramps and steps offer a cost-effective alternative to fixed ramps without any downsides.

Easiaccess designs and manufactures a wide variety of portable access ramps for educational institutions across the UK. Our building ramps are available in standard sizes or can be designed to suit your specific needs. Whether you are looking for flat panel ramps, portable ramps or door wedge ramps, we have you covered.

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