CPD training

CPD training 

Easiaccess offer tailored CPD events in a variety of locations across the UK which typically include modules on Compliance, Regulations, Product Range, Surveying and Installation. As the UK’s leading supplier both in the supply and supply and installation of access ramps, Easiaccess are very knowledgeable and experienced in the managing and delivery of tailored CPD events.

CPD training can be delivered in a variety of ways or locations depending on the needs of the participants.  From Operational to Occupational, every individual aspect of the process can be tailored to meet the needs of an audience, either inhouse or on site and owing to social distancing requirements, CPD events can now be delivered online.

Compliance and regulation
Compliance and regulation can be a difficult area to navigate and we endeavour to teach its complexities with a simplified approach.  Approved document M and document K are the Building Regulation guidelines that underpin the installation of ramps and handrails.


Product range
The metal modular product range is simple by design. Often described as a big meccano set; the product is versatile and very installer friendly. Complemented by Easirail, Threshold Ramps and Step Units; the entire range is simple but effective and our trainers can quickly impart their knowledge and passion for these products.

Surveying and installation
Where possible, surveying and installation tips are always best delivered on site because real life situations provide the best training ground for these two areas. The correct way to survey is essential to facilitate the production of accurate drawings and ramp specification; while installer training is essential for sharing product knowledge and installation techniques.