Ramps & Steps for Heritage and Listed Sites

Providing compliant access solutions while preserving protected sites.

Providing wheelchair access to a listed building or historic site requires careful consideration. Firstly, the site must be preserved with no damage, making sure there is minimal impact on buildings or the character of the site. Meanwhile, ensuring that the facilities are fully compliant with DDA guidelines is also a must.

We have over 20 years’ experience providing our ramps, steps and handrails to heritage sites, providing access solutions to customers such as English Heritage.

To minimise any impact on buildings, our modular systems can be freestanding and require no fitting to walls or floors. Additionally, our ramps are long-lasting, yet can be provided as a temporary solution making it perfect for sites that have many visitors during seasonal times, but don’t require access all year.

Supply and Installation of Access Ramps to Heritage Listed Buildings

Historic sites and heritage buildings exist for the appreciation and enjoyment of everyone. However, many people think that these buildings are inaccessible. Heritage listed buildings need to be preserved, but responsible adjustments are equally important to ensure sure the facilities comply with DDA regulations.

Easiaccess can improve the experience of visitors with our range of modular access ramp systems. We carry out accessibility improvements to protected buildings responsibly and without damaging the building/site.

With over 20 years of experience in the supply and installation of ramps and steps to heritage listed buildings, we assure you of the highest standards of safety. For minimum impact to historic buildings, we never bolt our ramps to walls. Instead, we add rubber pads or concrete underneath the support feet.

The Need for Access Ramps in Heritage Listed Buildings

Historic monuments, landscapes and buildings are protected not just for the sake of it but to benefit all of us and the generations to come. Heritage buildings provide a glimpse into our past and are an important part of our cultural identity.

At the same time, it’s important to make timely improvements to meet the changing needs of their occupants. After all, the survival of heritage sites depends on their viable and continued use, which may necessitate the installation of accessibility and mobility solutions including ramps and steps.

Professional Access Ramp Installations to Historic Buildings

Here at Easiaccess, we take great pride in our professional ramp installation services. We understand the need to be sensitive and responsible when modifying heritage buildings. Our professional ramp installers are fully qualified, well trained and have years of experience in ramp installations to heritage listed buildings.

We offer flexible installations to suit the needs of your site and application. We can schedule the job around a site’s opening hours to ensure a disruption-free installation.

Get in touch with us today to schedule a free site survey and quote.