Barwick-in-Elmet, Leeds

The Project

Providing a wheelchair ramp for a customer to improve access to the property as double stone steps were proving difficult to negotiate.

Application: Residential
Location: Barwick-in-Elmet, Leeds
System: Modular Wheelchair Ramp


Double stones steps were proving too difficult for the resident to negotiate with the walking frame that was being used. A solution was sought to allow better access to the side and rear of the property, whilst ensuring the parking space to the front was not lost.


  • Green chosen to match the external environment
  • Gate included for easy access to the garden
  • Designed to minimise encroaching into parking space
  • Small threshold ramp minimised the length of ramp required to achieve a comfortable gradient.

End Result

A return ramp was installed to fit between the house and the outbuilding, making it much easier for the resident to enter their home. A gate was included on the return platform to allow for quicker and easier access into the garden.

Space was maintained for parking and access to the outbuilding, with Excellent Systems used to overcome the small stone threshold.


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