Slatyford, Newcastle upon Tyne

The Project

The customer found the varied levels difficult to navigate and leave the property. Easiaccess raised the internal recess/porch area, had new automated doors installed and provided modular ramp to the front of the property creating easy access for both the client and visitors.

Application: Residential
Location: Slatyford, Newcastle upon Tyne
System: Metal Modular Ramp


A modular ramp and to the front and new doors were required for this installation. The front door and internal door were on 2 different levels making it very difficult for the client to leave the property. The clients existing front door had an automated lock, but the internal door did not. As a result of this, the client had to wedge the internal door open at all times to allow visitors to the property.


  • Automated doors working as follows- Visitor will press the intercom and the client will press the existing handset inside the bedroom. This will unlock both doors to allow visitors to push the door open and enter. The internal door will be set on a time relay so that it remains unlocked longer to allow visitors to get through the outer door.
  • Internal recess/porch area raised.
  • Removal of hedge to allow for ramp and platform installation.
  • Paved area linking the ramp to the public footpath.
  • 1500x1500mm platform and 1200mm wide ramping to accommodate client’s large chair.
  • Gate and step unit fitted to the platform to allow ambulant access to the property.

End Result

We raised the internal recess floor by approx. 200mm with timber to allow both doors to sit at the same height giving level access to the platform.  The internal cupboard was trimmed down to allow it to open over the new floor level.  Both doors were then changed and automated giving wider clear openings by fitting Rehau 62mm frames to the new doors. A ramp set at a 1:12 gradient was installed externally with extensive landscaping works allowing the client to have full access to their garden and to the public footpath.


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