The Jewel Tower

The Project

The Jewel Tower dates back almost 650 years and is now a visitor attraction in the heart of Westminster. It was built around 1365 to house Edward III’s treasures and was known as the ‘King’s Privy Wardrobe’. One of only two buildings from the medieval Palace of Westminster to survive the fire of 1834, the tower has exhibition space over three floors, where visitors can learn of the Towers changing roles, see a model of the ‘lost’ medieval palace of Westminster, replicas of precious objects and a rare 14th century ribbed vault.

Application: Heritage
Location: London
System: Metal Modular Ramp System

Client brief

Provide temporary access from existing steps leading from Abingdon Street during refurbishment / asbestos removal works being carried out on the adjacent palace yard parliamentary offices.

Identified challenges for the Installation

Due to the central London location there were additional issues with deliveries to the installation site. Liaison with the Metropolitan police was required to organise time slots for deliveries and additional time was necessary to allow work around the Metropolitan police and Vinci Constructions’ site policies.

Identified solutions at survey

1500mm wide with a fully balustraded anti climb handrail system with no passing point larger than 100mm. Logistical considerations to ensure correct equipment delivery.

Project summary

A very successful installation fully completed within its four-day allocation. This ramp remained in place for approximately 5 months and was then removed with no trace or damage to this historic site.



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