Compliant Ramps – Tested & Approved

Testing our ramps

Over 15 years ago, we sought to change the ramp access market by establishing a truly modular ramp system that could be completely and easily dismantled and re-assembled. This has offered clients and council across the country the opportunity to implement ‘recycling schemes’ whereby ramp equipment can be re-installed over and over, helping budgets stretch further.

This was made possible by using high quality components and processes to ensure longevity. All of our ramp components have been thoroughly tested to ensure they are strong and durable, often against recognised British Standards, allowing us to provide a market leading warranty.

Whilst imitators exist, no other system has been tested as thoroughly, providing confidence to all clients and users that they are receiving a tried and tested ramp and handrail system that they can depend on for many years to come.

Compliant Ramps - Tested & Approved

Key tests cover the following core areas:

Slip resistance

Tested to BS7976 using the ‘Pendulum Test’, our ramp surfaces have been tested and rated in all conditions as having a low slip potential

Corrosion resistance

Our system is predominantly manufactured from mild steel (EN 10111 Grade DD11) and is fully galvanised to EN ISO 1461 standards, offering superior corrosion resistance.

The corrosion resistance of our handrails has been determined using the most common accelerated corrosion test which is the destructive “Salt Spray Test” (ASTM B117). In this, a handrail was continuously sprayed with a light mist using a 5% salt solution dissolved in water in a closed cabinet at 35ºC. After 120 hours, the handrail showed no signs of red rust or deterioration of any form.

We have also conducted cross hatch testing to EN ISO 2409, giving us the confidence to offer our 10-year warranty period against corrosion.

Static load testing

We have tested our ramp system against the requirements of BS4592 and BS6399 which consider deflection levels at specified loads whereby we satisfied the requirements of the ‘light loading’ conditions (3kNm).

We have also conducted in-house testing given the difficulty in determining specific load ratings owing to the possibility of varied configurations and the effects of load distribution. Loading a typical ramp setup with 3420kg and maintaining this for 20 minutes, no adverse effects were witnessed.

We have also tested our Easirail handrail system so we can be assured that it will be safe in use with each component in isolation rated to safely take 250kgs.

Horizontal load testing

Our ramp handrails have been tested against and satisfied the load deflection requirements of BS6180:2011 ‘Barriers in and about buildings – Code of practice.’ The tests showed our standard handrails have a deflection  value of 25mm (maximum deflection permitted when a 0.74kNm load is applied). The balustrade (Infill) panels satisfied the same criteria when a 1kNm load was applied.

Choosing Easiaccess as you next ramp supplier, you can be assured of the highest quality product, service and installation.


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