A Decade of Excellence – A Customer’s Testimonial

Here at Easiaccess we love being able to share remarkable stories of customer satisfaction and showcase the longevity of our exceptional products. In this post, we’re thrilled to highlight Joanne’s experience with her Easiaccess garden ramp, which has stood the test of time for over a decade. Discover how Easiaccess continues to impress with its commitment to quality, durability, and outstanding customer service.

A Testimonial of Unparalleled Service and Reliability

Joanne’s daughter’s safety and accessibility were paramount when she opted for an Easiaccess ramp installation in her garden. Little did she know that her decision would yield remarkable results that would withstand the test of time. After 10 years, the ramp remained structurally sound, serving its purpose faithfully. However, Joanne noticed that some of the connectors had started to fade slightly.

Easiaccess – Exemplifying Excellence in Customer Service

When Joanne reached out to Easiaccess regarding the fading connectors, she was pleasantly surprised by the exceptional response she received. Beyond Joanne’s expectations, the Easiaccess team not only offered to replace the faded connectors but also provided them free of charge. This act of generosity and commitment to customer satisfaction spoke volumes about Easiaccess’s dedication to their clients.

Easiaccess wasted no time in dispatching their expert technicians to Joanne’s residence. With precision and care, they swiftly replaced the fading connectors, restoring the ramp to its original pristine condition. The attention to detail and commitment to maintaining the ramp’s aesthetics showcased Easiaccess’s unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction.

Joanne’s Rave Review – An Unmatched Experience

Overwhelmed by the outstanding service and product durability, Joanne decided to share her experience with Easiaccess. She described the company as the best she had ever dealt with, not just within the disability sector but overall. Joanne praised every aspect of her journey, from the friendly office staff and skilled fitters to the exceptional management team. The fact that the replacement connectors were provided free of charge after a decade of use spoke volumes about Easiaccess’s commitment to its customers. You can check read the review in full: https://g.co/kgs/1yK9Ci


Joanne’s story serves as a testament to Easiaccess’s unwavering commitment to excellence. With a passion for providing top-notch accessibility solutions, Easiaccess ensures that their products stand the test of time. Whether it’s durability, reliability, or exceptional customer service, Easiaccess continues to set new standards within the industry. If you’re seeking an accessibility solution that surpasses expectations, look no further than Easiaccess. Contact us today to experience the difference for yourself.


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