Investing in the Future: Value of Apprenticeships

In today’s competitive job market, experience is often touted as the golden ticket to success. But what about those just starting their journey? At Easiaccess, we believe in investing in the future by providing apprentices with opportunities to gain hands-on experience, develop crucial skills, and carve out promising career paths.

Over the years, Easiaccess has been committed to nurturing talent through apprenticeship programs. Today, we take pride in the success stories of three individuals who started their journey with us as apprentices and have since become valuable members of our team.

Meet Sam, Jake, and Chelsea – shining examples of successful apprenticeships.

Sam: From Apprentice to Essential Sales Team Member

Sam’s journey at Easiaccess is a testament to the effectiveness of apprenticeship programs. Starting as an apprentice in technical sales support, Sam displayed remarkable dedication to his learning. With guidance and mentorship from the professional at Easiaccess and Gateshead college, he honed his skills and knowledge in the field.

After completing his apprenticeship, Sam has now transitioned into a full-time role within our sales team. His understanding of our products, coupled with his exceptional communication skills, has made him an asset in driving sales growth and fostering strong customer relationships. Sam’s journey exemplifies how investing in apprenticeships not only benefits individuals but also strengthens our company’s talent pool.

Jake: A Versatile Asset Across the Board

Jake’s journey with Easiaccess is a true testament to the long-term impact of apprenticeship programs. Having started his apprenticeship in technical sales support five years ago, Jake chose to continue his journey with us. Since then, he has become an important member of our team helping in a range of areas across the business.

Beyond his role in sales support, Jake has lent his expertise to various parts of our operations, including IT support and more. His versatility, coupled with his unwavering commitment, has made him an invaluable resource in driving us forward. Jake’s story highlights how apprenticeships can pave the way for diverse and rewarding career opportunities.

Chelsea: From Apprentice to Access Administrator

Chelsea’s journey at Easiaccess really shows the long-term value of apprenticeships in for the workplace. Starting as an apprentice, Chelsea quickly proved herself to be a diligent and capable individual. With a keen eye for detail and organisation, she excelled in her role as an access administrator.

Today, Chelsea plays a pivotal role in our team, overseeing important day to day processes with precision and efficiency. Her journey from apprentice to essential team member showcases how apprenticeships can lay the foundation for long-term career growth and success.

At Easiaccess, we recognise that our greatest asset lies in our people. By investing in apprenticeships, we not only empower individuals to realise their full potential but also ensure a steady pipeline of skilled professionals who contribute to our company’s growth and success.

As we celebrate the achievements of Sam, Jake, Chelsea, and countless others who have benefited from our apprenticeship programs, we remain committed to nurturing talent and fostering a culture of learning and development.

In conclusion, apprenticeships are not just about gaining experience; they are about investing in the future, shaping promising careers, and building a stronger, more resilient workforce. Easiaccess is proud to be at the forefront of this transformative journey, paving the way for success, one apprentice at a time.


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