Ramps & Steps for Caravans – Access Guide

Whether it is a holiday home or a permanent residence, ramped or stepped access is normally always required in a caravan setting; typically owing to the height of the door from the ground.

At the very least a step unit is required or if preferred a platform and step unit.  As the name suggests a step unit would be just that and come straight from the door entrance to the ground.  Easiaccess step units are fully adjustable and available in a variety of configurations, allowing for a quick and straightforward installation.  Easiaccess offer two core tread depths of 300 and 800mm and widths of 900, 1200 and 1500mm with up to four treads as standard; further extensions can be provided. The extra deep step tread of 800mm allows users to transition more easily between steps, especially when using larger walking aids or where a user just needs more resting time between step risers.

In addition to a step unit, a thresh platform can also be installed, allowing users more time at the entrance to stand while entering and exiting the caravan. If the platform area is large enough, it can also be used as a seating area.

Where a lesser gradient is more suitable for the user and steps are not an option, a ramp can be installed and would typically run the length of the caravan to accommodate a suitable gradient. For caravan owners with pets, they may also like to consider the type of ramp or step surface preferred and opt for a pet friendly solution.  For users with visual impairment, ramps and step units can be supplied with highlighted edges.

Easiaccess understand that some caravan parks have specific site rules, limiting users to certain specifications, like colour. While our standard rail colours are green and black, bespoke colours are available on application.


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