Top Tips for Creating a Wheelchair-Accessible Garden

Gardening is a soul-satisfying activity that lowers stress, boosts mood and improves overall well-being. When you are in a wheelchair, entering your garden can get tricky if it has not been designed with accessibility in mind.

It’s easy to make your garden wheelchair accessible with some simple modifications and additions such as our metal modular wheelchair ramps.

Here are our top tips for designing a wheelchair-accessible garden.

Build an Accessible Pathway

The first thing to do is to make sure that the pathway to and through the garden is unobstructed and easy to navigate. A wheelchair-friendly path should offer a stable and firm surface.

Large pavers or poured concrete are perfect. Finely crushed stone is another fantastic option.

The path must be wide enough that a wheelchair can easily pass through. It should also feature spacious turnarounds affording enough space to change direction.

Use Tables

Although raised garden beds are a common option for people with limited mobility, they are not ideal for those using a wheelchair.

Instead, convert tables into deeper beds. A waterproof table can also be used to place seedlings and pot plants. This way, a wheelchair user can easily carry out gardening activities without feeling strained or uncomfortable.

Invest in Adaptive Gardening Tools

Although accessible pathways and planters are a great addition to your accessible garden, adding some adaptive gardening tools can elevate the experience.

Try to search for ergonomic tools with extra-long handles. Be sure to choose lightweight tools that have been designed to reduce fatigue and repetitive strain injuries. Consider adding a portable tool organiser or a bag to the back of the wheelchair, making it easy to carry the garden tools around.

Install Metal Modular Wheelchair Ramps

Dealing with level changes in your garden calls for some expertise. A ramp offers an ideal solution to make your garden truly accessible.

A well-planned and installed metal modular wheelchair ramp can be a robust addition to your garden without compromising the aesthetics.

The best part about modular ramps is that they are made from galvanised steel and are bolted together. Set-up is easy and quick, which means that your metal modular wheelchair ramp can be used immediately.

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