Newcastle General Hospital

The Project

This development at the Newcastle General Hospital, Campus for Ageing and Vitality provided a temporary Ophthalmology unit for the treatment and prevention of diseases of the eye.

Application: Healthcare
Location: Newcastle
System: Standard Ramp Sytem

Client brief

Extensive access solutions were required to all points of access and egress from the unit.

  • Provide ramping and stepped access to the main entrance of the unit.
  • Provide ramping and stepped access to the rear exits of the unit, to maintain a one way system.
  • Ramping to the loading area of the unit where equipment and supplies could be brought into the hospital.

Main requirements and features

  • Balustrade: This access solution was specified to be fully balustraded.
  • 1100mm High Rails: Installed at specified position on the platform sections, these rails provide additional safety and assurance

Time spent on site

All modular ramp system components were installed in only 7 working days with the total time from inquiry to survey, design and installation taking just under 30 days.

Project Summary

All works were completed within exacting timescales and on a highly intricate site. We were pleased to be able to offer our products and services at such short notice, during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping patients at the Newcastle General Hospital and to the satisfaction of Robertson Group and the Newcastle NHS Foundation Trust.


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