Doctor Who’s TARDIS Welcomes a Wheelchair-Friendly Ramp

Welcome to the exciting universe of Doctor Who, where time and space collide, and the extraordinary becomes ordinary. In a ground-breaking move, the iconic TARDIS has undergone a transformation that is capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. The latest addition to the Doctor’s time-traveling vessel is a wheelchair-friendly ramp, making the TARDIS more inclusive than ever before.

In the thrilling 60th-anniversary specials of Doctor Who, keen-eyed viewers may have noticed a ground-breaking addition to the iconic blue police box – a wheelchair-friendly ramp. The Time Lord himself has traversed time and space to enhance the accessibility of his famed TARDIS.

Renowned actress Ruth Madeley, 36, who navigates the world with spina bifida, proudly shared an image on social media alongside the newly added ramp, expressing a sentiment that resonated deeply with many. Her caption reads, “For every disabled kid who couldn’t get into the TARDIS, this ramp is forever yours.”

The post sparked a tidal wave of positive reactions from devoted Whovians, with one fan expressing, “Seeing a ramp as an addition to the TARDIS made me smile.” Another remarked, “small little things create a huge difference.”

In a heart warming moment during an episode, Madeley, portraying the character of scientific advisor Shirley Anne Bingham, remarks to David Tennant’s Doctor, “At last, you’ve finally caught up with the 21st century.”

Following the initial episode airing, Madeley expressed gratitude for the overwhelmingly positive feedback, stating, “Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your gorgeous comments and messages. We knew how important Shirley would be to the disabled community, and I really hope we did you proud.”

As Doctor Who continues to evolve, it’s clear that the show is not just navigating the complexities of time and space but is also embracing the imperative of inclusivity, ensuring that the TARDIS is a welcoming vessel for everyone, regardless of their abilities.


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