St James’ Park Newcastle Sleepout: Raising Money for the Homeless

Homelessness throughout the UK is on the rise and has been for several years. People become homeless for lots of different reasons; for example, a lack of affordable housing, unemployment, life events, escaping violence etc. For many years, Easibathe and Easiaccess have actively supported Destiny Streetworx, a local charity helping the homeless on the streets of Newcastle. We want to increase our support and help even more people nationwide, by signing up to the CEO Sleepout at St James’ Park.

CEO Sleepout Newcastle: A Noble Cause

CEO Sleepout is a national charity set up to inspire the business community to work towards fighting homelessness and raise money to help change lives for the better. Since its inception in 2013, £3.8 million has been raised to support over 100 charities, that are working hard to tackle homelessness in cities across the UK.

The event brings together business leaders, executives, and community members to spend a night outdoors, exposing them to a small fraction of the challenges faced by those experiencing homelessness. It serves to not only raise funds, but is a powerful platform to raise awareness.

A Beacon of Social Responsibility

Easibathe and Easiaccess are at the forefront of accessibility solutions, and have always stood for inclusivity and social responsibility, whether that’s in the products and services they provide, or the charitable causes they support, most recently demonstrated by the recent launch of their Easifoundation. As a testament to these values, Laura Lynch, an integral part of the team, has taken up the challenge of sleeping under the stars to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.

Fundraising for Change

Laura’s dedication goes beyond just spending a night outdoors. She has set up a fundraising page to try raise as much money as possible to help this cause. Friends, family, colleagues, and well-wishers can contribute, knowing that their support will directly benefit those in need.

If you would like to donate towards such a great cause you can do using the link: Laura Lynch is fundraising for CEO Sleepout (


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