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New homes for the Guide Dogs in Newcastle

How Easiaccess assisted the Guide Dogs Easiaccess, are one of the UK’s leading providers of access solutions. However, one of the most recent installations was a little bit different. Easiaccess recently installed new dog accommodation in the Guide Dogs new home in Newcastle upon Tyne. The new dog day care pods are designed to create […]

Celebrating our 25th Anniversary with THIIS Magazine

Featuring in THIIS Magazine In the April 2024 issue of THIIS magazine, Easibathe, a company dedicated to making independence accessible to all, marks a significant milestone of 25 years in business. Founded in the mid-90s, Easibathe began by recognising a need for specialised bathroom adaptations and equipment. This led to the establishment of Easibathe Ltd, […]

Amy Pohl Improves Her Home With New Easiaccess Ramp

We are overjoyed that Amy Pohl chose Easiaccess to design and install a ramp at her beautiful home. As a well-known disability activist and social media star, with over 3.6 million TikTok followers, Amy has brought a massive amount of attention to disability issues, particularly those of wheelchair users, by vlogging about her lifestyle, sharing […]

Investing in the Future: Value of Apprenticeships

In today’s competitive job market, experience is often touted as the golden ticket to success. But what about those just starting their journey? At Easiaccess, we believe in investing in the future by providing apprentices with opportunities to gain hands-on experience, develop crucial skills, and carve out promising career paths. Over the years, Easiaccess has […]

St James’ Park Newcastle Sleepout: Raising Money for the Homeless

Homelessness throughout the UK is on the rise and has been for several years. People become homeless for lots of different reasons; for example, a lack of affordable housing, unemployment, life events, escaping violence etc. For many years, Easibathe and Easiaccess have actively supported Destiny Streetworx, a local charity helping the homeless on the streets […]

Doctor Who’s TARDIS Welcomes a Wheelchair-Friendly Ramp

Welcome to the exciting universe of Doctor Who, where time and space collide, and the extraordinary becomes ordinary. In a ground-breaking move, the iconic TARDIS has undergone a transformation that is capturing the hearts of fans worldwide. The latest addition to the Doctor’s time-traveling vessel is a wheelchair-friendly ramp, making the TARDIS more inclusive than […]

Winter Maintenance Tips for Wheelchair Ramps: Ensuring Accessibility in All Seasons

As winter approaches, ensuring the safety and accessibility of wheelchair ramps becomes crucial for individuals with mobility challenges. Snow, ice, and cold temperatures pose unique challenges, making it essential to implement effective winter maintenance strategies. In this article, we will explore valuable tips for maintaining wheelchair ramps during the winter months. Regular Inspections and Repairs: […]

Embracing the Festive Spirit: The Most Accessible UK Christmas Markets for Wheelchair Users

The twinkling lights, the scent of mulled wine, and the joyful sounds of carols – Christmas markets are a beloved tradition, bringing warmth and cheer to the holiday season. For wheelchair users, navigating through crowded marketplaces can sometimes be a challenge. However, the UK offers a selection of Christmas markets that go above and beyond […]

The Advantages of Modular Ramps Over Concrete Ramps

When it comes to accessibility solutions for individuals with mobility challenges, ramps play a crucial role in ensuring inclusivity and convenience. While concrete ramps have traditionally been a popular choice, the advent of modular ramps, led by companies like Easiaccess, has brought a range of benefits that make them a superior alternative. In this article, […]

How to Measure for a Wheelchair Ramp: A Guide

Creating a safe and accessible environment for individuals with mobility challenges is essential. One crucial aspect of this is ensuring that wheelchair ramps are installed correctly to provide easy and safe access. Whether you are a homeowner, facility manager, or contractor, knowing how to measure for a wheelchair ramp is a fundamental skill. In this […]

Top Benefits of Renting a Wheelchair Ramp: Enhancing Accessibility

In today’s rapidly evolving world, accessibility is a fundamental right that should be extended to everyone, regardless of their physical abilities. For individuals using wheelchairs or mobility aids, having easy access to public spaces and private residences is crucial for maintaining independence and participating fully in society. One solution that has gained popularity is renting […]

Enhancing Your Holiday Experience: The Value of Investing in Portable Wheelchair Ramps

Holidays provide us with a well-deserved break from our daily routines, giving us the opportunity to explore new destinations and create cherished memories. For individuals with mobility challenges, however, planning a holiday can present unique obstacles. Fortunately, investing in portable wheelchair ramps, such as those offered by Easiaccess, can significantly enhance the holiday experience for […]

Avoiding Common Wheelchair Ramp Accidents

For individuals using wheelchairs, ramps are essential for accessing buildings, public spaces, and transportation. However, without proper precautions, accidents can occur, posing risks to wheelchair users’ safety. This article aims to provide valuable tips to avoid common wheelchair ramp accidents and highlights the importance of reliable accessibility solutions such as from Easiaccess. Ensure Proper Ramp […]

A Guide to Wheelchair Ramp Maintenance

Wheelchair ramps are a crucial element in ensuring safe access for individuals with mobility impairments. However, like any other structure, ramps require proper maintenance to ensure their longevity and functionality. Neglecting to maintain a ramp can result in costly repairs, safety hazards, and ultimately, a lack of accessibility. In this article, we’ll provide you with […]

Easiaccess and Easibathe’s Commitment to Good Work Pledge Acknowledged by North of Tyne

We are proud to announce that Easiaccess/Easibathe has been awarded the Advanced Good Work Pledge by the North of Tyne Combined Authority. This accolade recognises our commitment to creating a working environment that is fair, safe, and supportive for our staff. The Good Work Pledge was created to improve the working conditions of employees and […]

Top Tips for Creating a Wheelchair-Accessible Garden

Gardening is a soul-satisfying activity that lowers stress, boosts mood and improves overall well-being. When you are in a wheelchair, entering your garden can get tricky if it has not been designed with accessibility in mind. It’s easy to make your garden wheelchair accessible with some simple modifications and additions such as our metal modular […]

How to Use Portable Wheelchair Ramps?

Mobility aids like wheelchairs and mobility scooters are a wonderful way to regain independence if you have mobility challenges. However, wheelchairs have a huge limitation: moving from one elevated surface to another can be a challenge. They don’t get along with stairs either. That’s where a portable wheelchair comes in handy. It improves the use […]

Buying & getting a residential wheelchair ramp installed – Guide

The process of buying and installing a residential wheelchair ramp can be daunting, especially if you are not sure what type of solution would be ideal for your needs. At Easiaccess, we aim to make the process effortless for you. Here is our guide to help you choose the right wheelchair ramp for your home. […]


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